Monday, May 17, 2010

Sister Marie, Servant of the Holy Heart of Mary

I've met Sister Marie, when she was twelve and I was fourteen. We both were at the Aspirancy at Holy Family Academy, in Beaverville Ill. Where we were aspiring to become Sisters of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary.

Marie became my little sister when I became a senior. Never expecting to see her again after both going our way, we saw each other this past spring. What a blessed blessing to re-kindle our friendship and our memories of the past. How inspiring and meaningful those memories are?

Life was so simple and fun. As we shared, the memories became more vibrant bringing the joys of the past to the life of the present thus adding a reflection of child-like expectancy. The gift to remember is a great gift, when the memories are joyful and when the memories are not so joyful, we realize where we are now and how much life have changed us and yet our FAITH remained.

Sisters simplicities of life and her great faith, made me feel alive. Her devotion to God and great beliefs and understanding of her faith has widened my vision of life.

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