Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maria Angelorum Chapel

In the early 19Th. century, a small group of travelers came from the German republic of Bavaria. There were two priest and twelve lay people. This group which would later form the Perpetual Adoration chapel. This chapel still exist since 1870 and known as the order of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

This chapel is built within the St.Rose Convent in La Crosse Wisconsin. It is of Romanesque architecture with many pillars of Corinthian style formed with acanthus leaves within the leaves are figures of praying angels. So much history both secular and religious behind the magnitude of such a magnificent building. This building now is also the novitiate for the Franciscan Sisters.

This is a must see site if you are interested in architech Paintings that speak to you, the Bavarian stained glass windows speak of the life of Jesus, Mary, the angels, bible and of our theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.

You will see ten bronzed statues which are original, no duplicates exist. You can re-live this special time in our church history by visiting this quaint and exquisite convent in La Crosse Wisconsin. This order now consist of more than 350 sisters, who miniters throughout the United States and other countries.

Look and marvel at what a few people who had great faith and a dream can accomplish. What a wonderful testimony of faith.


  1. I will be writting the Memoirs of HFA in Beaverville il. The Sisters Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary.

  2. This is a story of the girls who lived behind the walls of a boarding school, their lives and lives after leaving. I will let all of you know when the book is published.It will tell you how these nuns made a difference in our lives that cannot be discribed. The nuns story is a miracle for all of who benefited from their faith and