Thursday, January 28, 2010

There are many flowers in the Garden of Life

You are one of those flowers
no matter how strange no matter how tall short or different you are,
you are a flower in this garden,
You will grow you will either be liked or disliked by others,
but since we have one creator who created all of us,
you as well as all the flowers are loved by Him.
You have a special reason for being in this Garden called the world.
Live life caring and sharing with others
the gifts that your creator has bestow upon you.
If you fail, do not worry, get up and try again.
God will give you the strength, just ask.
The world is not complete without one of the flowers.
Neither is the world complete without you.
You are the world.
Do what needs to be done to make the world
a Garden with all and for all.

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