Monday, February 1, 2010

The power within you, A gift from God

This power that is a spiritual gift given to you by God is the gift of hope. Much can be said about hope. Much more has been written about hope but the greatest is that much has been accomplish through hope.

Hope has given life, to those who had nothing else but trust that there would be a chance of something better. Hope has given food to the hungry spirit causing them to hang in there thus bringing survival by them never giving up.

If fear has attacked you, call on hope to rescue you. The fears of the past will be conquered by the hope of the present and producing a better and hopeful future. Live for today with hope for the future. The future hope will become the past hopes the past hopes will enrich the present making all the tomorrows hopeful. Then you will not let your past destroy your future but enhance it.

Hope can change your life, do not stand still for hope lives on and on.Take it upon yourself that life can change if you choose to do it. When life seems hopeless, it becomes dark and void, unlock the power within you and go forth living in the light of hope.

Can you change who you are, yes you can! You have many elements that can help you. Some are faith, strength to do better,others, love, your power to survive, hope,

Give hope to others,
be hope,
spread hope for hope:

Hope sees the invisible,
feels the intangible,
achieves the impossible. Anonymous.

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