Monday, November 16, 2009

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The first community we all belong to is family, another word for community. When young we needed a small community to learn and grow from one another. As we grow we actively belong to church communities or neighborhood communities. Relationships begin to form with our families teaching us to grow as we interact and work with each other.

I learned that community in context of church means universal, church is for everyone, and so is God. The important part of community is togetherness.

Alone we cannot grow,
We cannot learn, we cannot share,
God never wanted us to be alone.

The mission of the church is to form faith communities by which many families can work together and evangelize the world. A church is a community a (group of people) that work together to accomplish God’s work.
“By our baptism we are commission to live in communion with all people”.

Community living might not be to every ones liking: because our walk with God intertwines closely with the lives of others. In community all is done in communion with the group. When Jesus was instructing the apostles, He was forming a community of his apostles, disciples and friends. He was showing us The Way.

“I am the Way the Truth and the Life…..” John 14:16

“Go and teach all nations….” Matthew 28::19

We all know about the communities that were formed right after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ,.St. Paul and the other followers of Jesus where responsible that the communities where following the example and teachings of Jesus Christ and that the children, women, widows and elderly sick and all were taken care and provided for. We are all related to God as one family. The apostles figured that by working together they could learn and mature spiritually in faith and with united efforts take care of their human needs.

It was no longer separate families but one large one. (FAMILY).

And the mission of the church instructed by Jesus Christ was to begin….. The beginning of the church was on its way and grew and grew and extended to us the new followers. They believed that through living in community they could manifest the presence of Christ in a familiar way. (FAMILY) Communities flourished because there was support, encouragement, and thus conversion followed becoming a strong faith community. It is about a community The Way that began so long ago that I want to share with you.

The Neocatechumanel Way

I walked the Way for a little over three years; it is modeled after the first communities in scripture. Small groups gathered to express their faith with one another. Their catechesis is very intense and provides teachings so that you can evangelize and grow in your walk with the Lord. They provide Christian formation for adults so that their faith matures. People who join speak of their conversions and close relationship with the Lord in innumerable ways. There are over 50,000 thousand of these communities all over the world. The Neocatechumanel Way began n Spain, and then journeyed on to Italy and Poland and spread rapidly all through Europe and the United States, the Philippines, Mexico. It is approved by the Catholic Church. Many Greek Orthodox churches are also adopting The Way. Communities of this kind are spreading like wild fire throughout the nations confirming the need we have for “Christian community living “in the world where people form bonds of love, friendship, and faith to help them in the journey here on earth.

Matthew 18:20
Where two or three are gathered in my name,
There am I in their midst

I found this community to be very rewarding and educational and I love their Liturgies a reproduction from the first Liturgies in the early church. In other communities I had learned about the personal relationship with Jesus Christ, through scripture and catechesis but this community went even further, a relationship of me, and God and me God and my community as one. I was touched about the unity and love they shared with one another.

Charismatic Renewal Community

I was also blessed to belong too, the Charismatic Renewal Community, a community in which I belonged for over ten years. There I experienced spiritual, mental and physical healing, by which my heart and mind were healed from the pain and suffering caused by others when I was a child discovering a special way to worship our Lord, through prayer and song. A conversion which had truly changed my entire life became possible. I saw life differently now I was able then too ministered to others, especially the young people I was working with. God has the power and the glory. In strong community, you can see the power of the Holy Spirit working among the people through physical and spiritual miracles.

We must all find such a place where we can be community by rediscovering each other in relationship to Jesus Christ.


  1. I really like your new design for your blog.
    Speaking of the Charismatic Renewal Community, have you heard from Nick and Dorthy lately? How are they?

  2. Acts 2:42 That's the church we try to model. Extremely difficult in today's times, but not impossible if we choose to die to ourselves. Great post.

  3. I was thinking of scripture to go along with my post on Community... I'm shocked I didn't think of this... I'm so glad you used it!

    Matthew 18:20
    Where two or three are gathered in my name,
    There am I in their midst

    Thanks for posting at the carnival, Bernadette.

  4. Hello Bernadette -- You are so very right -- community is love.

    I pray you feel loved today. You post speaks to my heart.


  5. I love Matthew 28:19 - it's one of those verses that always tells me I really need to be more of a community participant than I am. God has such great reminders for us!

  6. Great post, Bernadette.

    Thank you for joining us in the carnival community!

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. God bless you all, and thank you for your support.